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NaJin Kim

Founder & CEO 

With an education in Sustainable Development & Architecture from Columbia University and her career on Wall Street, NaJin has dedicated her passion towards creating a more sustainable future. Her goal is to discover how to quantify and monetize climate impact using disruptive technology. In addition, NaJin is an active artist and scientist; and believes in the power of positive energy.

Shashank Lochan

Tech | Analytics & Data Visualization

A current graduate student studying information systems at NYU Stern, Shashank has a substaintial amount of experience working with technology systems for companies such as Accenture and TATA Institute of Fundamental Research. Shashank is driven by a deep seated desire to use his passion for technology to build solutions that take a step towards a sustainable future.

Jack Schoenfeld

Creative Director | Visual Media Specialist

A visual storyteller at heart, Jack is a current undergraduate student studying Film and Television at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He has a passion for learning and translating ideas and visions into compelling films and documentaries. Although young, he's had the pleasure of working with The History Channel and countless small business and start-up companies to empower change.

Zeeshan Rana

Strategy & Planning Lead | Business Model & Brand Engineering 

Zeeshan's prior experience of working within the Financial Services Industry has allowed him to deliver client focused solutions. He is passionate about developing and integrating a detailed sustainability vision into the firm's strategic plan that creates lasting value whilst also establishing successful client relationships.

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